Monday, September 10, 2007

Coop's First Day

Coop started school on Tuesday but that was just a 90 minute orientation so today was his first official day of kindergarten. His alarm clock woke him up at 6:30 this morning and he came to tell me shortly thereafter that it was pretty cool to wake up to an alarm (music on CD). He then proceeded to get dressed, brush his teeth, etc..., while I made his lunch. At 6:55am he was urging Corey to hurry up so he wouldn't miss the bus. Corey walked him to the bus stop where he was bored because he was there so early and wanted to know if the bus was ever coming. Corey and Coop were the only ones waiting until the bus arrived at 7:13am and then several kids poured out of their homes and clamored onto the bus.

When Corey returned, I grilled him about the bus, the kids, and the bus driver. He assured me that Coop was in the capable hands of Ernie the bus driver. That is such a great name for a bus driver, isn't it? I sent Corey on his way so he could meet Coop when he got off the bus at school. Bus #12 pulled in and the kids tromped off the bus
including little Cooper Johnny who followed the kids until he saw his father and then rushed over to him. Coop surprisingly shared with Corey that the bus driver didn't take the fastest way to school but took 5th Street instead of 9th Street.

As I got all this relayed from Corey I held back the tears and called the school secretary who I know very well from my teaching days at Goodview. Mrs. Casper spotted Coop on the playground all by himself in a sea of veteran schoolkids. She assured me he was fine and that he would get to his classroom safely.

During the day I drove past Goodview School (only once) and saw Coop walking in a line from the playground to the school. Phew! So far so good.

At the end of the day, Kyle and Cameron and I walked the block to the bus stop to meet Coop. The bus was 14 minutes late so you can imagine my high anxiety as I waited for him to arrive. When he got off the bus at 2:28pm he ran over to me and I breathed a sigh of relief. One down and only 171 more days to go - wow, and that's just this year.

I have attached a picture of Coop on Tuesday and one from Wednesday. He looks so big at home but man does he look tiny coming off the bus.