Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Splashing Good Time

We spent a lot of time at the pool this summer minus Cooper. He is not a fan of swimming so typically it was Kyle, Cam and me poolside. 

Cam loves to jump off the side. Careful!

Good Times

Our dear friends from St. Louis visited in June. We love hanging out with them. It was great to meet our newest friend, Abby, who clearly is not big on sitting still. 

 Corey took on the Trinona for the first time.

They did it! Congrats Matt and Corey!

We loved having our little friend E.G. visit us with her mom. Elleigh was intrigued by the tiny frogs we had inundate our yard over the summer.

Watching the Steamboat Days Parade while getting a sugar high. Nothing better. Parades make me all melancholy and gooey. I don't know what it is. Maybe the music, the innocence, the simplicity, the horse crap. 


In June, Coop and Kyle participated in a golf outing for area youth at Cedar Valley. Coop made a new friend, Kyle got to golf with an old friend and Cam got to ride in a golf cart. It was a fun time. 

Happy Graduation, Chris!

One of the hugest ever highlights of the summer was attending our friend's grad party. It was super great to reconnect after so long. There were so many fun times but one of my favorites was when we arrived Ceci cam running down the street to greet us. So cool! 

Joan-E baloney.

Ky and Cam are happy to accept sweet handouts from Grandma Fran.

 Chris and Ceci all growed up.

Cam loves to snuggle.


Toothless Wonder

Woohoo! Cam lost his first tooth! 
Since I am playing major catch up this actually happened in June.

3 months later...

Scary, I know.