Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cuatro Cuatro

No better time than today, my 44th birthday, to restart this blog. My day started with a birthday wish from my SIL Jodi. She started my day off perfectly. The day continued with welcome back hugs from my parents who have just returned from their winter hibernating. At preschool, Cameron's class surprised me with a boisterous birthday yell from behind the bookcases. It was a super fun surprise. I had lunch with my dad, Corey and Cam at Cam's favorite place... HyVee. Throughout the day I got fun birthday emails, texts and voice messages that made me laugh (and cry).

After school, we went on a birthday adventure to find where Gilmore Creek flows into the Mississippi. (Ask Cooper.) We walked along the dike behind Peerless Chain and threw rocks into the river. We all agreed that the water treatment plant smells poopie. And saying the word "poopie" makes us laugh.

The day wrapped up with dinner with family and a few super duper friends. Cuatro, Cuatro is off to a really good start.

Today's Life Lesson: *sigh*