Monday, June 8, 2009

Doubly Good at Kmart

So, I heard that the Kmart in Winona was honoring the double coupon thing that is happening in La Crosse. Sweeet! I can save my gas money. Against my better judgement I packed up the boys for a trip to Kame-apart. My mom met us there along with my nephew and sister-in-law. After about 39 scoldings in 8 seconds, my mom very graciously took the boys over to Midtown (in the rain) to have a little snack. (The Kmart snack shop is closed.)

After much scurrying and envelope rummaging I left with some pretty good deals:

69 cent St. Ives Apricot Scrub
50 cent Pringles
A buck for Kids Suave Body Wash
Made .71 on Oust air freshener ($3.29 minus a doubled 2 dollar coupon.

Obviously, there is a little tax to figure in but even with that these are stellar deals.

I took another trip there in the evening. I got 8 boxes of cereal and 1 box of Pop Tarts (I have to hide these from the boys so I can eat them all myself) for 6 dollars and 90 cents. Oh yeah! The boys can fight over the 14 cent box of Cocoa Krispies I bought. I never buy cruddy cereal but c'mon, 14 cents!? I couldn't resist. I'll make them brush their teeth after they eat it.

A Picture's Worth...

I have been too busy shopping at Walgreens to keep up with the blog. These are recent outings to Flandrau State Park in New Ulm, MN. This post is really ugly. Does anyone know how to make this pretty??

Corey often pulls both trailers because his wife is so wimpy. I think he secretly does it because it makes him look really manly. The boys think it's cool, too.

The boys like to play with Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Don's cars and other fun camping toys like playdoh and chalk.

The water was a chilly 65ish the day the pool opened but we were determined to go. I believe I was on the shore in my parka. The boys braved the water with Great Auntie Karen, Grandma Joyce and Cousin Ashley.