Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring FEVER

Wow, we have definitely experienced spring fever this week but not the good kind. Ours has been the not so fun kind. Coop clocked in at 102.7 this morning at Urgent Care. Kyle probably was right up there on Tuesday but my parents don't have a thermometer, so it's just a guess. Came home with antibiotics for one - Cam - ear infection. The poor kid never complains about his ears hurting so he's probably had it since he was 3. And I believe it's also the reason we are shelling out hundreds of dollars right now for him to learn the "s" sound. So 3 negative streps and let's hope they don't turn positive tomorrow.
In today's lesson we learn a few things. It's not always good to share and when planning spring break events always write them in pencil.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Down and Out

In today's lesson we learn that having a fever is no fun. We had to postpone our trip to Lego Land and Build a Bear today. Darn! Kyle woke up feeling pretty yucky and was down and out all day. I predict he has strep but we'll see what tomorrow brings. So, the day started out with some disappointed, crying boys and some bummer phone calls and text messages. Glad to hear our companions ventured off and had a great day.

Feel better, son.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Eagle has Landed

Field Trip! It was our first visit ever to the National Eagle Center. Very cool place.
The boys enjoyed our time there. Cooper asked if we could go across the bridge to the Nelson Creamery. How could we not?

It was funny to see people ice fishing while the temperature outside was a balmy 66 degrees.

 Angel is taking a bath.

Do the boys have an eagle eye?

Playing at our new house. Cam is cruising down the hill on his scooter while I stand idly by watching and trying not to have a heart attack.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 115 or so

Facts. They are important to have. But what happens when you think you have all the facts but in reality you don't? I can answer that. You accuse your son of doing something he didn't do. He denies doing it but you don't believe him. You think your son is a liar. But, alas, later you find out the facts were inaccurate. You apologize to your son. He forgives you. Today.

Day 115 Life Lesson: Forgive others. Again. And again. And again.