Tuesday, February 19, 2013

President's Day

It was a long four day weekend that ended with President's Day. I challenged the boys to make a road.

They definitely met the challenge. The details are pretty creative. I love the train track running next to the town. This is only about one third of the track. They even cleaned it up. Seriously.

Snowshoeing at Star Hill

On Sunday, we went snowshoeing at our friend Cathy's ranch. Kyle wasn't feeling well, so he stayed behind with Corey. (Notice the three cats sunning themselves in the window.)

We went down to the creek to check it out.

Can you find the red berries hanging above Cam's head?

Cam was super excited to visit the horses. This is Bea. She likes a lot of attention. Cam was a bit tentative to give it. Hey, those horses are BIG.


On Friday we found a super great deal on snowshoes at Menards. I splurged and bought 5 pair so we could go exploring as a family. We went around our yard to try them out and they were a big hit. On Saturday Corey took the boys to Whitewater to try them out. Another successful outing. They are our new favorite thing.

WMS Happenings

Coop has been busy with school activities. A few weeks ago he participated in the Spelling Bee. He dropped out with the word "dire" in the 3rd round but seemed to have a good time with all the super spellers.
After that, he sung his heart out in the 5th grade musical. My favorite song was "Everybody Loves Saturday Night".
Last week, the student council ran the annual Talent Show. He didn't showplace any talent but helped sell tickets. I love his spirit of volunteerism.
One other event was the annual Science Fair. Around 100 kids participated and Coop was one of the 1st place finishers. I think he charmed the judges with his congenial personality that he inherited from his equally charming mother. Why are you laughing?

Jefferson Night

It was Jefferson night recently at the Winhawk Basketball game. Kyle wasn't feeling well so Corey took Cam and Coop. Cam wasn't very excited to go but that quickly changed once he got to the game. They sat with our friend, Shannon and her daughter Harper. As if that wasn't exciting enough, Cam saw a lot of his kindergarten buddies. And if THAT wasn't the most exciting thing ever...
...he won a pillow in the halftime drawing. Needless to say, he had a very enjoyable time.